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Trimix Tools

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Trimix Tools is designed for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac. It provides Trimix blending and dive planning tools to plan your mixes prior to arriving at the dive shop or to fill your cylinder at the fill station. You can even use it on the dive boat to calculate the expected final mix after topping off the remaining gas in your last cylinder with the boat’s compressor. You can also change an existing mix or correct a filling mistake by calculating the bleed down pressure needed to achieve your target mix.

Calculations are provided for the best Trimix given a planned depth and a desired maximum partial pressure of oxygen and equivalent narcotic depth (END). You can also calculate the ceiling and maximum depths along with your END based on your planned mix. The dive planning tools support both salt water and fresh water calculations. The blending tools provide for filling a cylinder with a remaining mix (or empty) to a specified target mix using oxygen, helium and a topping mix (air or another available mix). You can also calculate the result of topping an existing partially filled cylinder with a specific topping mix (air or another available mix). There is also a Bleed Down calculator that allows you adjust an existing full or partially full cylinder to a new mix with minimal wasted gas. Trimix Tools supports calculations in both metric and Imperial/US systems of measure.

This application is not a substitute for proper training and should not be used as a substitute for proper dive planning or the primary Trimix blending and planning methods taught during training. Please do not attempt to handle high pressure oxygen or fill SCUBA cylinders without proper training.
Training for Trimix blending is available from various SCUBA Diving training agencies including PADI, SSI, TDI/SDI, NAUI and others.