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Trimix Tools

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Plans can change for any number of reasons and that 21/35 mix you had already prepared may no longer be appropriate for the new situation. Trimix Tools’ Bleed Down calculator allows you to adjust your mix while wasting a minimum amount of gas. Just specify your existing mix, your target mix and your target pressure and Trimix Tools will calculate the pressure that you need to bleed your tank to as well as the target pressure for each gas that you’ll need to add to get to the target mix.
You can also easily change the fill order to match your situation. The target pressures are “ideal gas law” values so you can account for He compressibility in the way that you find works best for you.
Tap or click on the the bookmark icon to recall a previously saved calculation or to save the details of this calculation for future use.
You can easily make the calculations using Metric or Imperial/US by visiting the in application “Settings” and changing the system to the one desired.