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Tip’s ’N Trick’s

Click on one Dive in the lower window and then press and hold the Command key and click on another dive. You will see the profiles of both dives - one on top of the other! Compare your dive profile between dives!

DiveLogManager - free version

  • Dive Log Manager / DiveLogDT scuba diving logbook for MacOS
    The Dive view show’s most elements of a dive “at a glance”.
  • See your dive profile from your dive computer
    The Buddy panel displays a list of all Buddies entered into the logbook. Clicking the “Contacts” button will look up the Buddy Name in your Contacts (if you give access permission) and fill in the rest of the details.
  • View and Edit the basic details from your dive
    Locations consist of a Dive Site, a City or Boat, and a Country or Region. DiveLogManager will display a photo or map as well as the individual information.
  • View/Edit the Environmental features of your dive plus all of your tank information. (Supports multiple tanks)
    Any “tags” or Dive Types you have created with Dive Log will be shown including the number of dives that use it. Use the Statistics feature to keep track of each kind.
  • Add more information to describe your dive - add tags, give the list of equipment used, write lot’s of notes, and have your Buddy sign your logbook!
    The Equipment panel shows all of the equipment you have entered into the logbook, including the photo. Looks at all entered equipment or just your “active” equipment.
  • See all of the Dive Site’s you’ve been to on the map - the flag will show the name, rating, and #of dives done there!
    The Personal panel is where you view information about you! View Contact information, “In Case of Emergency” contact, and medical information. Also view each of your Certifications you have included in the logbook. Never forget your dive cards again!
  • Review your dive history by looking at the Statistics and how you have described each of your dives
    The Shop panel shows each of your entered Dive Shops including the contact information and homepage. Double click to visit the home page in your browser.
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    View the information of a particular trip that you have entered.
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    Review your dive history by looking at the Statistics and how you have described each of your dives!
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    If you have entered GPS locations into your Dive Site entry, see all of the Dive Site’s you’ve been to on the map - the flag will show the name, rating, and #of dives done there!
DiveLogManager is a free application for your Mac OS X desktop that is specifically designed to allow you to manage your scuba diving logbook between your MacOS desktop and Dive Log on iOS. The free version allows you to backup your logbook from your iOS device, import from other logbook formats, and view the log information on your Desktop.
It works hand in hand with Dive Log for iOS to make logging your dives, simple and easy, so that you can further enjoy your diving experiences and keep your diving information safe from the problems associated with a single book and the perils of paper!
From the beginning, we designed Dive Log Manager to work seamlessly with Dive Log for iOS. You can take your iDevice to the dive site with you, enter all the information about the dive including site photos, GPS information, environmental conditions, and log the dive as much as you can while there and while the information is fresh. Have your buddy sign your log and get contact information if needed. Later, when you have your MacOS machine available, use DiveLogManager to save and/or backup your logbook to your desktop machine. You can also use it to IMPORT and *merge* dive information from a 3rd party logbook into what you have already logged, and then sync the result back to your iOS device!
Click here if you would like more information about DiveLogDT - the licensed version which is a full featured digital logbook adding full editing support, direct dive computer downloads including merging with your iOS log, printing, and sharing your scuba experiences with all your friends!