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Trimix Tools

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You can easily exchange the results of your dive planning or blending calculations with your dive buddies or your dive shop. Use the "Share" button located in the top right hand corner of each tool. Tapping or clicking this button will format your calculations and make it available for sharing via the standard facilities available on your device (email, print, Messages, etc.).
Do you find that you regularly send to the same people or want your own subject on each of the messages you send without re-entering them each time Mail opens? Just go to the in app “Settings” and enter your defaults for any of the To, CC and Subject fields. Trimix Tools will use those settings to pre-populate Mail each time your tap the "Share” button. Of course, you can always edit the fields once you are in Mail. If you do enter an email address then the share button will take you directly to the email compose sheet. If you leave the To and CC fields empty then any Subject entry will be used if it is appropriate for the share option selected. If you have a physical keyboard connected to your device and use the command-P short cut or if you use the File->Print menu item on the Mac you can directly access the print panel (which can also be accessed via the Share button).