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Synchronization with Dive Log for iOS

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There are 3 separate methods for Synchronizing Logbooks with other devices:

Synchronize your Logbook to Dive Log for iOS using WiFi

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We designed Dive Log Manager to work hand in hand with Dive Log for iOS. You can take your iDevice to the dive site with you, enter all the information about the dive including site photos, GPS information, environmental conditions, and log the dive as much as you can while there and while the information is fresh. Have your buddy sign your log and get contact information if needed.
Later, when you have your macOS machine available, use DiveLogDT to download your dive computer and then *merge* that information into what you have already logged!

There is a synchronization panel for each iOS device that advertises that it is available. DiveeLogDT will automatically recognize compatible iOS devices when synchronization is enabled within the iOS Dive Log app. DiveLogDT and Dive Log use Apple's Bonjour technology to automatically configure network communications if they are both connected to the same WiFi network.

If you are in a location that does not have WiFi, or the local WiFi network is not working or reliable, you might want to try AirSync instead. Sometimes, boats in the middle of the ocean do not have a local WiFi network!

There is also a manual connection panel for advanced users who use firewalls or work in areas where Bonjour is not available. It is enabled via a checkbox on the main "SYNCHRONIZE" panel where you will also find detailed online synchronization instructions.
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To synchronize using WiFi with Dive Log for iOS:
  • Select "Wi-Fi Synchronization" under the Synchronize tab and then Tap "Enable Sync" in the upper right
  • Once the panel for your iOS device shows up in DiveLogDT, select it and then click either "Copy Logbook FROM Device" or "Two-Way Logbook Sync" to get the latest logbook onto your Mac
  • Download your dive computer
  • Select the dive(s) in the top window of the appropriate Download panel for your dive computer
  • Select the correct already logged dive number that you want to put the dive computer information into
  • Click Import!
  • Enable Synchronization on your on your iOS device again and “Copy” the updated logbook back to your iOS device

See these screencasts if you need more information:

Merge new dives from Dive Log for iOS and dive information from your dive computer (PDC)

Quick dive logging using DiveLogManager/DiveLogDT and merging in dive information from your dive computer (PDC)

Synchronize your Logbook using AirSync

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AirSync is an easy to use method of synchronizing your logbooks whether you have a local network or not. If there is no WiFi around, or if it has restricted permissions, AirSync is the way to go. You can also Synchronize all your Apple devices all at once.

Select the "AirSync" panel under Synchronization, and then wait for the icons of the other devices to show up. When you are ready, click either "Synchronize Logbooks" or "Import Logbook" for the device you want to synchronize with.

Clicking "Import Logbook" on your Mac will transfer the Logbook FROM the other device to this Mac. Clicking "Synchronize Logbook" will transfer the Logbook FROM the other device, merge it with the one on this Mac, and then transfer the resulting Logbook back to the other device.
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To Synchronize with Dive Log for iOS, tap "AirSync Synchronization" from within the "Synchronize" tab.

An icon will show up on the screen for each device that is available to Synchronize with.

Clicking "Import Logbook" here will transfer the Logbook FROM the other device to this iOS device. Clicking "Synchronize Logbooks" will transfer the Logbook FROM the other device, merge it with your active Logbook on this device, and then transfer the resulting Logbook back to the other device.

Synchronize your Logbook using a Cloud Service like iCloud Drive or Dropbox

Synchronize your logbook to Apple
You can also Synchronize your logbook to a Cloud service, including iCloud. This will allow you to save your logbook somewhere other than your Desktop, and also Synchronize with other macOS Desktop machines. You can select either iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or "Other". DiveLogDT will choose the correct folder to use based on your selection.

Initially, you will "Add/Replace Logbook TO Cloud" to put a copy of your existing logbook there. From then on, you will want to use "Two-Way Logbook Sync". This will take any differences found in the cloud logbook, merge them into your Desktop version, and then copy the result back to the Cloud.

If needed, you can also replace the logbook on your Desktop with the one found in the Cloud. In this case, you would select "Import/Restore Logbook FROM Cloud".