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Export diving information

Download DiveLogDT on the Mac App Store!

Dive Log Manager/DiveLogDT for MacOS and Dive Log for iOS use an open source based logbook format called sqlite. There are many open source and commercial tools that you can use to export your logbook into another format or view. It is not proprietary and is well documented. Contact us if you need more information about it.

Your logbook file is portable between the Mac, an iOS device, and a Windows PC. The same logbook format is used with Dive Log for iOS and Diving Log 5.0 on the PC.

Share and Export your Scuba Diving experience!

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Use MacOS’s builtin Sharing capability to Share information about your dive experiences!

For each item of your logbook, Dives, Buddies, DiveSites, Cities, Countries, DiveTypes, Equipment, Shops, and Trips - Look under the File->Share menu item to export to any of the builtin Sharing or Social Media services such as Email, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr

Publish your dive profile image or publish your comments about the dive to as few or as many people as you want!

Exchange Location Information with other Users and Logbooks!

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Use MacOS’s builtin Sharing capability to exchange Location details with other users or logbooks.
Create a “divelogxml” file automatically and send to another user using the Sharing methods.
Or, if you're using a licensed version of the application, right click on the Site, City, or Country and manually create or add to an existing “divelogxml” file for sharing later.
Double Click on a “divelogxml” file to automatically add it to the currently open logbook! (you will be asked for confirmation first)

DAN’s DL7 format

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Some other online logbook formats can import from DAN’s DL7 format. If you select the DL7 panel under Export, you can select which dives you would like to export into this format. Once you have them selected, click the “Export to DL7” button and you will be prompted to save them to a file and folder of your choosing.

DL7 is a format created by Divers Alert Network (DAN) many years ago to facilitate collecting information for their decompression studies and it works very well for that purpose. It is not the best format to communicate general information about a dive for logbook purposes and is actually lacking in much information desired by logbook users.