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Dive Log, DCbuddy and the Suunto Vyper Novo and Zoop Novo

The current shipping version of Dive Log for iOS contains support for downloading Suunto’s latest dive computers using DCbuddy. You can download the Vyper Novo and the Zoop Novo by choosing the Manufacturer “Suunto” and the Model “DX” on the DCbuddy download screen. Dive Log will automatically detect that you are talking to a Vyper Novo or Zoop Novo and will parse the downloaded data appropriately. The next update to Dive Log will add the Vyper Novo and the Zoop Novo to the list of Models on the DCbuddy downloads page.

The Vyper Novo and the Zoop Novo use the “DCbuddy - Suunto D” connectors rather than the “DCbuddy - Suunto Z” connectors used by previous Vyper and Zoop models. If you already have a DCbuddy and just require just the pigtail connector those are available from the DiveNav Inc. website (

Dive Log also recently added support for the Oceanic DataMask and the Aeris CompuMask. These computers use the "DCbuddy - Pelagic V” connectors.

Dive Log 2.1 released with Download support for Petrel 2

petrel-2We are so excited to announce that the latest release of Dive Log, version 2.1, now has an In-App purchase option for Downloading the Shearwater Petrel 2 dive computer. The Petrel 2 includes Bluetooth LE support and so any iOS device that supports Bluetooth LE and can run Dive Log will work.
This functionality was announced and demo'd at DEMA last November and we have been Beta testing it since then. Although the core functionality has been working for some time, the last 10% of the details as usual took 90% of the time. For example, what do you do if there are *2* Petrel 2's on the same boat? This dive computer is very popular and so things like this need to be handled correctly and tested.
Shearwater has done a press release announcing their new desktop software and the Dive Log support. You can read more about it.
Our own desktop software will of course also download the Predator, Petrel, and Petrel 2 via regular Bluetooth and it will also import from the Shearwater Desktop software logbook format. So we're Shearwater ready!

New Blog area on our Website!

Welcome to our new website and Blog area!

We have switched website technologies and will be publishing our Blog entries here in the future so stay tuned.

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