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Synchronization & Backup

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You can use WiFi synchronization between your iOS device and your Desktop device even if there is no WiFi around! (Like, on a boat, in the middle of the ocean!). Setup an “Ad-Hoc Network”.

iCloud synchronization requires an internet connection. When your device has an internet connection any updates that you have published via the iCloud Synchronization feature will be saved on Apple’s iCloud servers!

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Dive Log

Synchronize your scuba logbook to MacOS or to iCloud
Dive Log is designed to work either as your primary logbook application or as a mobile adjunct to compatible desktop diving logbook applications.

Your diving logbook is an important record of your diving history and must be protected against accidental loss. Dive Log’s data is backed up as a normal part of your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch synchronization with iTunes or iCloud backup. Your logbook data will be restored in the event of a recovery of your iOS device through iTunes or iCloud.

However, the default backup mechanism in iOS is not very flexible and requires a complete restore of your device. To more flexibly protect your logbook data you should also consider directly backing up your logbook to a desktop computer or to cloud storage. We provide synchronization features within Dive Log that allows you to backup your logbook or synchronize it with compatible applications via a Wi-Fi connection to your computer. We encourage you to maintain a backup of your logbook using this feature so that you have complete control of your important logbook information. There are free/unpaid versions of the desktop applications available (both Windows and macOS) for this purpose.

You can also use Dive Log’s iCloud synchronization feature to maintain backups of your logbook in iCloud (independent of iOS’s iCloud Backup support). You can also use this feature to synchronize your logbook between multiple iOS devices and macOS devices that are signed into iCloud with the same AppleID.

iCloud Syncing

Sync your scuba logbook using iCloud

Dive Log supports iCloud synchronization and backup between all of your iOS devices.

When you are ready to upload, simply navigate to the iCloud Synchronization tab. If you have never uploaded this particular logbook, then select the item below “Upload Active Logbook to iCloud”. Dive Log does not require a network connection to interact with iCloud. Your data will be uploaded to iCloud when an appropriate internet connection is available. Of course, other devices will not have access to your new uploaded logbook until it has migrated to the iCloud servers.

Once a copy of your logbook is in the cloud, you can synchronize it in the future by selecting the appropriate item underneath “Matching Logbooks Available for Synchronization”. Dive Log takes care of resolving any conflicts that occur as the result of delays in exchanging data between your device and the iCloud servers.
Sync your scuba logbook to all your iOS devices
If you have other iOS devices, then you can again navigate to the “iCloud Synchronization” tab on that device.

If you have never loaded this particular logbook on this device, or want to overwrite the existing active logbook, select an item underneath “Logbooks to Import/Restore”.

If you have made changes to the active logbook on this device and want to upload them to the cloud so they can been seen on other devices, select an item underneath “Matching Logbooks Available for Synchronization”.

Wi-Fi Syncing

Sync your scuba logbook to MacOS using WiFi

Dive Log supports Wi-Fi synchronization and backup to Windows PC’s with Diving Log 5.0, and on Mac OS X using our own Dive Log Manager/Dive Log DT as well as with MacDive on MacOS X. Each one incorporates bi-directional synchronization with their respective native file formats and all applications support downloading a wide range of dive computers as well as importing logbook information from other formats and sources.

Diving Log 5.0 - Windows PC

Diving Log 5.0 is a complete dive log application available for your Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 based computer and is the ideal companion for Dive Log on iPhone.
Diving Log 5.0 is a feature rich dive logbook application. You can manage all your diving data including your dives, locations, equipment and photos. You can also use Diving Log 5.0 to import data directly from a number of dive computers as well as a large number of dive logbook file formats. Dives that are imported with Diving Log 5.0 from your dive computer will be transferred to Dive Log on iPhone with your dive profile data.
Diving Log 5.0 now supports the ability to import dives from your dive computer and merge that data with existing entries in you logbook. So you can capture dive information at the dive site on withDive Log on iPhone and later merge that with the data your dive computer captured during the dive for a complete record.
You can also run Diving Log 5.0 on your Mac if you are using Apple’s Boot Camp or virtualization software (we have tested Diving Log 5.0 with VMWare Fusion 2.0 and above on both Windows XP and Windows 7).

DiveLogManager/DiveLogDT - MacOS X

DiveLogManager is a free application from the Mac App Store that allows you to Backup and View your existing Dive Log logbook on your Mac

DiveLogDT is an easy to use and full featured dive log application that uses the exact same database format as Dive Log. It provides extensive support for downloading dive computers and importing from other logbook formats. DiveLogDT is an ideal companion for Dive Log. You can make changes and log your dive on site, and then merge this with information from your dive computer at a later time. Then sync the result back to Dive Log so that you always have your logbook with you.